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Services Offered:


I provide expert witness and consulting services in personal injury and property damage cases.  These cases involve oil field drilling equipment, operations, workover rigs and cranes operations on offshore, inland waters and land locations.












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I have over 36 years working on land and offshore in production, drilling, well, workover and crane operations.  I have worked over 21 years as an expert witness and consultant in oilfield operations and training programs.


I have managed offshore operations for drilling contractor in the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil, S.A.; conducted safety inspections and safety meetings on drilling rigs; prepared “Supervisors Investigation Reports” on all lost time accidents occurring on rigs under my supervision and helped prepare drilling contractors “Employee Safety Manual”.  In addition, I worked for oil companies supervising drilling operations offshore Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey and Trinidad.  Conducted “Rig Safety Inspection” on all rigs working under my supervision.


          I have prepared training and educational material in printed form, videos and in power point presentations to help judges and juries have a better understanding of oilfield equipment, procedures and terminology.






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I have a B. S. Degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Texas A&I University, in Kingsville, Texas (1952).


I am a Registered Professional Engineer (Retired) in Louisiana #15916 since 1976 and Texas #41541 since 1977.


I have continued an ongoing training and education program by attending special schools and training programs.
















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Professional Affiliations


American Petroleum Institute (API)

International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)

National Safety Council (NSC)

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)











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Related Books


I have accumulated a library of American Petroleum Institute (API), Petroleum Extension University of Texas (PETEX) and International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) training, books videos and publications.


I have maintained an updated library of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), the Mineral Management Service (MMS) and the United Stated Coast Guard (USCS)
















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Educational Material

A. Material Printed or on CD


1.        Drilling rigs and offshore transportation

a.        Land

b.        Inland water

c.        Submersible

d.        Semi-Submersible

e.        Jack-Up

f.         Drill ship

g.        Offshore transportation

                                       i.       Crew boats

                                       ii.      Work boats

                                       iii.      Helicopters


2.        Rig operating systems

a.        Hoisting

b.        Rotating

c.        Circulating

d.        Blow out prevention

e.        Power


3.        Rig Operations

a.        Drive pipe

b.        Making a connection

c.        Tripping into of the hole

d.        Tripping out of the hole

e.        Casing strings

f.         Running casing

g.        Cementing


4.        Crane operations

a.        Transfer personnel from boat to rig

b.       Transfer personnel from rig to boat


5. Definition of words used in the Petroleum Industry


B. Power Point Presentations

1.        Drilling rigs

2.        Rig operating systems

3.        Rig operating systems

4.        Crane operations

a.        Transfer personnel from boat to rig

b.       Transfer personnel from rig to boat


C. Material on VCR and DVD

1.        Drive pipe

2.        Making a connection

3.        Tripping out of the hole

4.        Tripping into the hole

5.        Running casing

6.        Other material relayed to the petroleum industry


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