Kenneth A. Kaigler

Kaigler Consulting Service, Inc

1030 East St. Mary Boulevard Building #3

Post Office Box 52940

Lafayette, Louisiana 70505-2940


               Registered Professional Engineer                                                                                                                          Telephone

               Louisiana 15916      Texas 41541                                                                                                                 Office: (337) 234-9672

                                                                                                                                 Home: (337) 984-7734

                                                                                                                                         Fax: (337) 234-5888

                                                                                                                                                                                         Cell (337 277-6419



1987 - I am now working for KAIGLER CONSULTING SERVICE, INC. in Lafayette, Louisiana.  I have worked on offshore, inland water and land drilling and workover rigs as a drilling consultant.  I worked on production facilities as consultant for petroleum companies.  Now I am working as an expert witness and consultant for law firms and consultant for insurance companies. I have testified in Louisiana federal and state courts and Texas state courts.  I have qualified in rig, drilling, production, and crane operations and safety thereof.  I have prepared educational material on drilling rig, personnel, rig equipment, and drilling operations. This material is available as print material, on CDs and in power point presentation.


1980-1987 I worked for MARLIN DRILLING CO. as Operations Manager for offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil, S.A. and on land operations in Louisiana and Texas.  I was responsible for rig operations, maintenance and safety.  I developed and coordinate safety programs on drilling and work-over rigs. Made trips to rigs to conduct safety inspections and safety meetings.  Prepared “Supervisors Investigation Reports” on all lost time accidents occurring on rigs under my supervision.  As a member of Marlin’s Accident Prevention Review Board I reviewed “First Report of Injury” and “Supervisor Investigation Reports” of accidents occurring on all Marlin rigs.  Made recommendation as how to prevent these accidents in the future.  Also helped prepare Marlin’s “Employee Safety Manual”.  Certified as a Crane Operator in Lafayette. Operated cranes at Brazil shore base. Helped prepare Crane Operators Certification Program for Marlin crane operators in Brazil.


1978-1980 I worked for TENNECO in Lafayette, Louisiana, Houston Texas and Rhode Island as District Drilling Engineer. Supervised drilling personnel on drilling and workover rigs offshore Texas, Louisiana and New Jersey.  Assisted in the writing of “Tenneco’s Drilling Manual” which established Tenneco’s drilling procedure and safety policies.  Conducted “Rig Safety Inspection” on all rigs working under my supervision.


1973-1978 I worked for C & K PETROLEUM CO., INC. in Lafayette, Louisiana as Offshore Superintendent.  Opened Lafayette office and coordinated drilling, completion, workover and production operations.  Prepared programs, regulatory forms and budget for drilling, completion, and workover operations for Louisiana and Texas offshore operations. Conducted “Rig Safety Inspection” on all rigs working in the Lafayette District.  Operated company cranes on C & K platforms to load out equipment and personnel. 



1969-1973 I worked for SIGNAL OIL AND GAS CO. in the Lafayette, Louisiana office as Petroleum Engineer.  I evaluated, planned

and supervised drilling, completion, workover and production in Louisiana, and Texas onshore and offshore operations.


1964-1969 I worked for ODECO in the New Orleans, Louisiana office.  I prepared drilling, completion and workover programs and AFE’s. Worked in the Gulf of Mexico as Offshore Drilling Engineer performing on site supervision for drilling, completion and workover operations.


1957-1964 I worked for BRITISH AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION CO in the Lafayette, Louisiana office as Petroleum Engineer.  Prepared recommendations for and supervised installation and operation of equipment necessary to gather, process, dehydrate and measure natural gas production.  Recommended and supervised installation and operation of equipment necessary for processing storage and measurement of oil produced.  Operated forklift and hydraulic cranes on land locations during facility installations and modifications.  Operated cranes on offshore platforms to load and unload equipment and personnel.


1952-1956 I worked for VARCO in Tucupido, Venezuela, S. A. as Petroleum and Drilling Engineer performing on site supervision for drilling, completion and workover operations. I supervised installation and operation of oil and gas production equipment.  Operated Cranes and forklifts to load and unload trucks and to move equipment on location.


1950-1952 I worked for HUMBLE OIL & REFINING CO. in Kingsville, Texas as a roustabout on Humble leases installing and repairing oil and gas production facilities.  I worked as a roughneck and derrickman on Humble drilling rigs.





Texas A&I University, Kingsville, Texas (1952)

B. S. Degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Registered Professional Engineer

Louisiana #15916 since 1976 Texas #41541 since 1977



Member of:

AADE              American Association of Drilling Engineers

API                  American Petroleum Institute

ASSE               American Society of Safety Engineers

IADC               International Association of Drilling Contractors

NSC                National Safety Council

SPE                 Society of Petroleum Engineers


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